My Girlfriend Career Choice

I work with this really sexy girl at our London escorts agency. She has been working for cheap London escorts much longer than me, and I think that she is ready to do something else. I know that sometimes you can get fed up with cheapest escorting. But even though I have been working for London escorts for three years now, I still love it. However, my friend wants to leave London escorts and become a porn star. Is it the right thing to do? I am not so sure.

In the past, I have heard of other London escorts who have left their respective escort agencies in London to try to become porn stars. Most of them have come back to work for cheap London escorts again as they have not been able to find work. The porn movie industry is pretty tough and competitive. To make it as a porn star these days, you have to have something exceptional and I am not sure that my friend has that. Sure, she is a good looking girl, but there are many pretty girls out there.

My friend wants to move on a temporary basis to the United States. I know that the porn industry in places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas is much bigger than here in the UK. But there are some serious downsides. First of all, she would have to give up her job with London escorts. That would mean given up a secure income. She would also not get a work permit in the United States. In fact, she would probably end up living in the United States illegally. I think that giving up her job with London escorts would be a major risk.

Does she have the right contacts? At the moment, my friend has the contacts to get a job with most London escorts agencies, but I don’t think that she has the relevant contacts to find a job with a porn studio. She has sent photos and her CV to a couple of porn movie studio in Los Angeles. Needless to say they make it sound like working for them would be a fantastic idea. But, that want to meet her and that means spending a couple of weeks in Los Angeles. I am not sure that is the right thing to do for her. I think I would have to come with her.

Moving away from London is a big deal. Yes, giving up working for London escorts is one thing, but moving from London is something entirely different. She is trying to organise herself and says that she would love to rent out her flat. I know that she would get an income from that. But, where would she stay if she found out that she would have to come to London? With so many private people making their own pornos, I am not sure that the porn industry is the right choice for my friend. I think that she should continue making the most out of her career and then, in a few years time, move onto something else.

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